Product Design, Testing and Quality Control

    Kerridge is committed to providing the very best and latest in emerging concrete technology, allowing us to service our clientele with a multitude of products designed for a multitude of construction needs. Some of these emerging technologies include structural Shotcrete, self-consolidating concrete (SCC), and a variety of high performance concrete solutions.

Placers working to lay down the main entyry to Cabelas Calgary
Side profile 25 year concrete mixer.

   In addition to specialized concrete, we carry decorative color concrete. We use the Solomon Color system for both residential and commercial applications. With Solomon’s large color library at our disposal, we can find the perfect color for your project's needs.
With sufficient lead time, our expert Technical Department can develop other specialized product solutions, tailored to address a customer’s specific needs.

    Our Quality Control Team provides extensive design and testing of the product prior to it leaving for the job site. They are also dispatched to the field to test the product to ensure it meets specification prior to any placement.
Shotcrete nozzle men at work.